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For over 7 years, L & P has created successful web solutions for a large number of customers worldwide. Experience has allowed us to use information from the fields, effectively blending them technically and aesthetically.

Visual identity

Whether you are discussing a new brand or a re-branding process, our customers will receive advice throughout the development of identity (even then) and we identify together a marketing strategy, visible and effective.


Our team has experienced designers which can perform in special conditions and achieve any advertising material in an original, memorable and personalized fashion for each client.


A logo should reflect both the visual identity of companies and products full potential, so we have to be achieved exceptional, bringing with him the appreciation of customers and business partners..

Quality services

7 experience

For over 7 years, we realize digital know-how available from famous brands in the media.
A team of specialists that supports digital brands with advice on the creation and implementation of operations at the national and international communication.

L & P design and develop experiences and action plans to help its brands and their innovative users. It as a service.

Integral to every successful business is a solid IT infrastructure, endurance and responsive. Preservation is updated, secure, easy to use and flexible it is a demanding and specialized skill, which distracts and diverts senior business investment.

Companies want to focus on their core business line and our range of services allows this. Logistics provides solutions to our customers at their headquarters in the cloud or as a hybrid and also enables our customers to choose whether they want to manage the technology themselves, to work with us to run it, or leave it to us free time and energy to focus on their activities.

Business benefits:

Ability to focus on your business.

IT services that match your requirements.

Predictable costs.

Access to our team of highly skilled certified professionals.

Remove IT headaches reSourcing.

Web Design Services Bucharest – guaranteed and assured compatibility and quality.

Lucian & Partners offers a wide range of quality IT services starting from a detailed analysis of the keywords you need. Also we build websites that are both innovative and intuitive. By „usability” we understand and demand the right balance between advanced technology and ease of use.

Most important for us is that by providing these services, web design and creating websites we can help „your most bold vision to become reality.”

Already trusted by major companies & organizations