ERP Business

Mobile ERP

Executives and employees want real-time access to information from wherever they are. It is expected that enterprises will embrace mobile ERP for reports, dashboards and perform key business processes.

Social ERP

Vendors want to seize the initiative quickly, adding various social media packages to use ERP systems. Thus being able to manage real-time potential customers on social networks


Management, Production, Distribution, Services, Manufacturing

Program management-information covering operational needs of a business of trading, import / export and distribution and carries that work in one or more outlets. Targeting business of any kind, fast implementation and initial procurement cost reduction. Program covers the requirements of billing, inventory management, service, manufacturing, accounting software, payroll solutions for fixed.

Designed as an integrated system, the software facilitates the recording unit Neomanager main commercial and financial operations, documents received or issued by the Company. A system of flexible and easily customizable reports provide real-time access to that information that allow managers to supervise and analyze in detail the main aspects of a business.

Optimization and automation

A professional system that helps manage inventory with multiple optimization and automation in the supply, sales, billing, deliveries and inventories of treating multiple unit locations – warehouses and shops.


Component Retail / POS sales management for its own store type and / or interfacing with specialized retail software.

Any type of business

Legislative updated program, flexible adapts to any field, for any type of business.

The perfect solution for your company.

Allows use of bar codes, Scales online integration, providing specialized component for optimizing the use of mobile terminals for cargo receptions and inventory management level. Professional billing software with multiple circuits allowing for automated preparation of invoices based on orders taken by agents, or coming from e-Shop, a voucher, and multiple listings for shortening document preparation for delivery. Accounting software that belongs to Neomanager allows registration of all financial and accounting transactions, synthesizing, processing and reporting.

How it Works?

Neomanager is a software that integrates solutions and services suitable for any company, regardless of the industry. It integrates payroll software that can be used with a license multifirma so that more companies can manage their business with a single software.

Neomanager It is available in two editions optimized in terms of cost and implementation services related to internal processes depending on the complexity and volume of transactions daily business modeled:

Neomanager 7

for up to 10 workstations in the network / business grow

Neomanager 5

for up to 5 workstations in the network / business grow

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