Mentenanță tehnică

Service web

In this respect, Lucian and Partners will provide maintenance and content management of your website.

App service

Maintenance for web applications with a high degree of complexity include problem solving, troubleshooting, programming, security, customer support, data management, interaction with external partners and documentation required.

Website-ul nu trebuie sa fie al doilea job

Mentenanta reprezinta un plan de intretinere a website-ului dumneavoastra de catre echipa noastra.

Today’s consumer is able to Quickly find your site and digital marketing presence to assess the credibility of the business. Do not lose websites conversions old, faulty or vulnerable. Websites constantly updated to remain high increased traffic, Increasing sales and at the same time reinforces the brand’s authority. Let our team hand the task to maintain your site, so you can focus on your business.


  • Frontend: html(5), css(3), javascript
  • Backend: php, perl, C++, ASP/ASPX
  • Framework: sass/compass, bourbon/neat/bitters, grunt/gulp, foundation 4/5, jquery, requirejs, xml, smarty, hundreds of JS/jquery libraries/plugins
  • Baza de date: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MSSQL
  • Other skills described below



Each package is designed both for you and for your company’s needs. Are you just looking to maintain and make small updates to the website dvs.? The basic package can be best for you. Alternatively, if you are looking for a plan that covers website development and optimization Search Engine (Google) Premium packages are the perfect choice.

Hours delivered per month 12 ore 24 ore 48 ore
Full backup and database website
Monthly SEO & keyword report
SEO Maintenance adjusting
Correcting broken links
Analysis of website architecture
Update sitemap (sitemap.xml) & robots.txt
technical improvements
Optimize loading speed
links defects
CMS updates / plugin
testing capabilities
Settings for Local Search
Google+ business page
Bing page business
Design and implementation of graphics cover for social platforms
audit website
Content, readability, easy navigation, correct spelling (4 pages / month). Styling page (1 page / month)
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