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We have always worked with our customers to build web-based software applications that increase their competence, our software solutions include procedures ASP, PHP, database development in MS-SQL with the latest technologies.


We are pleased to use our knowledge and experience to contribute with our expertise in order to meet business objectives of our clients needs.


We provide our IT solutions to your buisness.

Our company offers IT consultancy services for the design of a clear set of specifications for the desired applications.

For other points of interest, such as your company’s security policy and data communications, network architecture design and configuration of hardware or software, we are at your disposal through our specialized IT experts.
  • Having a good plan for recovery in case of disaster ensures business services continuity. To achieve a Disaster Recovery Plan, must be taken into account several important aspects:
    • Risk assessment to which the company is exposed. What are the possible disasters and their likelihood?
    • The impact everyone is exposed is the materialization of these risks if the company is not ready.
    • What measures should be taken to prevent unpleasantness.
    • How detects and corrects such incident.
    • What is the maximum tolerable data loss (RPO – Recovery Point Objective).
    • How long can take to restore services without having major consequences (RTO – Recovery Time Objective)


    No one can guarantee 100% recovery and therefore an important aspect of the recovery plan is the identification information, services, applications and critical systems that can not be lost or that are vital to the company’s operation.

    It also needs to be taken into consideration where the data is stored. A company may choose to build their own DRC in another location or contacting a specialized service provider.

    It also needs to be taken into consideration where the data is stored. A company may choose to build their own DRC in another location or contacting a specialized service provider.

  • Ensuring continuity of electricity supply can be achieved by an uninterruptible power supplies, also known by the acronym UPS, along with an electric generator when necessary. In selecting a solution for continuity we must be careful to correctly estimate the necessary power when the power supply is interrupted, and a reliable estimate of the time in which systems can operate on batteries. There are two types of UPS: managed and unmanaged. The management are connected with the operating system that runs on servers or stations and systems can automatically stop, thus avoiding data loss. They communicate with the server or workstation via serial port, Ethernet, GSM / GPRS or USB using a communications protocol. Maintenance operation is also important. UPS batteries deteriorate over time due downloading, loading cycles, so they must be replaced when damaged. There are many manufacturers of equipment to ensure continuity of supply, including: APC, Socomec, EATON.

    To qualify for an optimal solution to ensure continuity of supply, will recommend to seek advice from a professional who can provide all the necessary details of adopting such a solution.

  • There are several logical access control solutions to resources. Microsoft Active Directory in Windows Server, and Windows Intune cloud solution designed generally companies with a smaller number of computers as an alternative to purchasing a server.
    • Defining access policy and security, according to users or groups of users so users control and there are resources you can use.
    • It is easy file sharing in a safe way. We can define who, what has access based on user or groups of users when appropriate. We can also define permissions for a user or user groups. Thus, a particular user is prevented remove or edit a file. Information regarding the company can be audited files according to specific needs.
    • Group policies can enable or disable various features and facilities in real time, without the need for intervention at each machine and differentiated user groups. Thus, preventable accidental or deliberate modification of systems changes that can lead to loss of information.
    • Control installation of applications from users is achieved also with ease. Who can easily define which application can use. Furthermore, if a particular department uses a new application, it can be installed automatically on a specific group of users without being forced to go to each workstation.

    Logical access to corporate resources is an efficient way to monitor information and to have a clear record of them. To ensure easy access to these resources, we recommend you contact a specialist who can provide the information you need.

Linux servers / UNIX / WINDOWS
  • When you already have an infrastructure, is good to have a professional care to run at full capacity and without problems, and when they appear. A poorly configured server or network may be unprotected high risk for your business. You can avoid this risk by calling us to apply the necessary measures.
    • Changes / Additions DNS zones, Virtual hosts, Setting levels of access, filtering ports.
    • Security updates (updates) (web server, php, antivirus), installing patches.
    • Always checking system to prevent security breaches.
    • Generate comprehensive reports on system connections, access levels, state daemons.
    • Permanent availability of a sysadmin able to intervene in case of problems eq.
    • Analysis of system logs.
    • Analyze firewall logs and access lists.
    • Implementing access lists – ACL (access control list) and firewall rules.

  • Monitoring is either a specialized service that runs on our servers and we warn of any changes the state of your servers (and services that run on them), or by a specialist ours who will handle the monitoring of your server. By this monitoring service you are warned as soon as an error or unavailability of servers and your services, so you can take immediate action, reducing negative consequences.

    Servers can be monitored so as uptime, and functionality by checking availability of services it runs (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP etc.) and operating parameters of the server.

  • Computer security is often a marginalized aspect that involve major risks to development and security companies or private business. Although many believe that privacy is an area managed applicable only to governments or large corporations, however, would be unpleasant for anyone Pesona documents, emails, etc. be accessed by malevolent persons. The Internet is an open structure to which you can connect a large number of computers and are therefore difficult to control. Thus we speak of the vulnerability of networks, manifested on various levels. A crucial aspect of computer networks, in particular communications via the internet is the information security. The need for security and authentication occurs at all levels of the network architecture.
    • Penetration testing and security audit
    • Identification and removal services / software that presents risks in terms of security.
    • Systems design and integration with intrusion detection blocking options or Mail + SMS alerts.
    • Security, optimization and eliminate bugs in PHP, httpd, MySQL, kernel daemons and DNS service.
    • Design and implementation of anti exploit systems, scanners, rootkits.
    • Design and implementation of dynamic locking system attacks (DDoS mitigation).

    For your protection, we will provide testing services and vulnerability remediation exist. Given that computer security one of the areas most dynamic, where daily are discoveries of new security holes, and lead a constant struggle between the two camps – the software developers on the one hand and the hackers on the other hand, conclusion is only one: security can no longer be neglected!

  • Computer security can be implemented as a result of watching or unauthorized network access system, or can be implemented proactively to prevent unwanted situations. Our company offers complete solutions or analyzing existing security or providing long- established means of security and prevention since IT system implementation stage.

    We specialize in developing software and managing systems and networks, with the main platform Linux / Unix. Our knowledge allows us to provide consulting related services and turnkey solutions. Our team of experienced technical people, very passionate about the area and their work.

  • Our servers embedded iCloud backup solutions specially designed for extreme security and which include: encrypting documents or partitions, access based on IP address, username, password, and access authorized to set hours.

  • A VPN well-designed larger substantial degree of connectivity and the most important aspect of this solution is that it prevents unauthorized access to the data you transfer them between premises of or between the headquarters of your company and employees or employees working offsite (except company), also, it is a solution much cheaper than those offered by your internet provider.

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