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Leadership team

Our leadership team includes our founder who runs a successful business on a long term basis. They track interests of all our customers. We ensure that we deliver each task putting hard work in the center of everything we do.

Senior team

Senior team represents the body which exercise all our large customer projects. Our CEO leads and check all, he has executive responsibility for the management, development and performance.

The story

Our company provides a range of IT services such as web development, web design, creating custom websites, online stores and SEO.

In the fall of 2015 we opened the first business unit of the Romanian market and started to increase the number of partners and clients. We have partners in London, Istanbul, Rotterdam, Paris, Munich, Copenhagen.

In short term we are a company that creates IT applications and provides high quality IT services with a team of five senior programmers, a sales manager and an SEO specialist. We have a passion for technology and programming in general. We feel that things can always be improved and this leads us to be always up to date with the latest news in the field. Our specialty is web development and web design and various IT services.
Throughout our business, we have expanded our presence internationally diversifying our portfolio with external customers located in the UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark.
IT Services in Bucharest. Quick set a meeting with you and the result may be one spectaculars. By offering a quick response about what you would fit. You will also receive all the technical support from a consultant with experience to enhance the company’s visibility in the online environment.

In-House Projects

An online social media platform that anyone can use to create an account to write or read stories of life and publish a capsule time.

Online truck and auto platform platform. Facilitates direct links between customers and suppliers.

The medical platform for sufferers of this disease, as well as for people who care for them.

The exclusive pet dedicated pet platform. You can buy accessories, food, personalized services, etc.

Online store of IT products, licenses and IT equipment.

Software for cow genetics.

Online store of various types of tea, tea accessories and related products.

Online catalog for different educational institutions.